Collin College

Address: 9700 Wade Blvd
Phone: (972) 377-1790
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Category: Community College
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  • Blake Rudy

    Get here an hour early, parking is terrible!
  • John Stevenson

    Beware, the anti-smoking Nazis are out to get you.
  • Lauren Walker

    Cougar den food isn't bad, so if your hungry and you don't want to lose the only parking spot for miles go have lunch in the cougar den.
  • Blake Rudy

    Be warned, parking sucks!
  • Nathan Hoxie

    No longer Collin county community is now Collin college, its a 4 year school now
  • UpShift Digital

    Vote for Bill White and get Perry out of office.
  • Ashley Anthony

    Don't buy your text books from the bookstore. The same books are online at sites like for 75%, sometimes more, cheaper.
  • PsychGirl

    The Psychology classes are the best!
  • Tyrel North

    After census day parking is much better.
  • Stephen Drennen

    Evening class parking is still a big pain. Park by superdrome or on the other side of campus and walk. Or show up an hour to 2 hours early...
  • James Williamson

    Parking isn't bad if you park by university hall, people leave there so often it's easy to get a spot. Also, it's right by an exit so there is no waiting to leave!
  • JD Lawless

    not labeled correctly, look under collin county community college; it is labeled in the right category. :-)
  • Rai Stalnaker

    DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR BOOKS AT THE COLLIN BOOK STORE! Get them from PJ's or Chegg. The collin store is full of rude immature employees and closes too early to accomodate the people who work full time
  • Aaron Johansen

    If you hate history take Popowski. He drinks enough coffee to energize the whole campus!
  • Kimberly Padilla

    Admissions office is always a mess. Wait forever for anything. and by the way, they no longer hand out Transcripts. You can ONLY request them online & it takes 1 week.
  • Becca Landry

    Parking at night is kind of cramped but behind the library isn't so bad.
  • Huong Le

    Most lazy and slowest registration staff ever!
  • Nathan Alvarez

    "study rooms are one of the best places to chill" lol.
  • candice shoptaugh

    ugh college. the parking sucks and so does blackboard.
  • Kristi Stratton

    There is never more than one person working in the financial aid department. Plan on waiting about an hour to talk to anyone.
  • Paul Ford

    Parking by the founders hall between the superdrome and the gym is always open when I get here.
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