The Cheesecake Factory

Address: 2601 Preston Rd
Phone: (972) 731-7799
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Category: American Restaurant
Check Ins: 7800


  • Geoff Giauque

    Obviously the cheesecake is good, but so are the huge salads.
  • brooks grigson

    Fans of cheesecake will be in heaven.
  • Wally M

    Take your babe n have a great time. Red velvet cheesecake is my favorite, take a bite you won't be disappointed. Mate!
  • Jessica Smith

    Cheesecake Factory had a GREAT Happy Hr! Check it out!! Also try the fish tacos! They're DELISH!! :)
  • Laurel T

    On Sunday's try the white cheddar broccoli cheese's delicious!
  • Justin Anderson

    Dan.. If you're here we are by the bar. I lost your number somehow but I know you're super into foursquare
  • Kyle Cooper

    if you're on a budget and with a partner, split your meal. this goes without saying for salad. i've been numerous times and i have yet to see someone finish an entree salad by themselves.
  • Krista Maxwell -Schaefer

    Try the mojito, they use real cane sugar and fresh mint. Best ever!
  • Robyn Heathcock

    Miso Salmon and Dulce de Leche are the best!
  • Tony

    Get the Cuban Sandwich!
  • Fre Pryor

    If you are a chicken lover, try the Chicken Marsala with red wise sauce. Also, try it with steamed spinach and mushrooms. It's awesome!
  • jancin

    Walk around Stonebriar Center as you wait for a table. They give you a buzzer that will reach most of the mall.
  • Caneel Christine

    Get the Firefly martini, it's probably the best cocktail on the menu.
  • Chris J. Davis

    Avoid the Hershey's cheesecake. Everything else is perfect.
  • Chris Stehno

    Portions are very generous. Consider splitting an entre if you don't want leftovers. (or room for desert)
  • Kevin Heist

    Lots of cheesecake recommendations... But here's a food one: Chicken Marcel Blanc is extremely good!
  • Metsy Corter

    Not just cheesecake... they have the best cheeseburgers!
  • Kaethe Parry

    Its nice outside but dont sit on the patio! Theres no breeze and barely any shade!
  • Susan Davis

    Try the new skinny menu!
  • Caitlin

    Try the Godiva Cheesecake!
  • Tory Castillo

    Nice tip Kyle - You are gay! Be a man and order a damn steak!
  • HJ Sylvester

    The nutty chocolate marshmallow shake is sinful!!! If you plan to get it you may need to skip dinner...
  • Aesha InSavannah

    This place never disappoints! The proportions are HUGE & the plethora of cheesecake is overwhelming. I normally have red velvet cheesecake or key lime but tried carrot cake cheesecake & it was yummy!
  • Amie Cherry

    Chicken, Biscuits & Gravy!
  • Hal Compton

    They can do everything but cook eggs. Screw up scrambled eggs everytime. How many cheesecake cooks does it take to scramble eggs soft? Who knows it has never happened in the 7 years we've been here.
  • Amanda Stokes

    Supaya and Chris are our favorite! Sit in the bar area for awesome service!!
  • Jose Martinez

    Have the Thai lettuce wraps
  • Peter Dylan

    Everyone in white.. makes me want to grab a ketchup bottle and squeeze it everywhere.. ha ha jk.
  • Chris Williams

    The Pasta da Vinci is amazing!
  • Laurel T

    The soup of the day on Sunday is white cheddar broccoli cheese soup...yummy!!
  • Eduardo O.

    Try the Miso Salmon... Is so yummy
  • Mohammed Amous

    its like ..having a holiday in middle of the day
  • Sherry W

    The banana cream is amazing!
  • belindelag

    Ask for Tanya. She will take care of you. Best waitress ever!!!
  • Yelvaly C.

    The portions are very huge. Try the lemon shrimp with angel hair, is very good and the lemon raspberry cheese cake is amazing!
  • LaTrish

    I love this place!! Delicious food and excellent service!
  • Cian Bouchard

    Extremely noisy, but the food is good and the atmosphere is comfortable.
  • Ballou Orthodontics

    We just love their Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken & it's great for orthodontic wearing patients!
  • Aqua Webb

    Oreo cheesecake and cappuccino was a great pair
  • Katie Fathman

    Always ask for a booth! Try their breakfast! It's to die for! Turtle cheesecake is delicious. Service has been a little crappy lately but they're always busy.
  • Chandra Turner

    Looove this place!!!
  • Eric Tysen

    Anything on the menu is good. Seriously.
  • Smita

    We go there a couple of times a year- expensive but good food
  • Amie Dixon

    Why are the floors always so slippery in here! It's dangerous!
  • Rony

    Jamaican black pepper shrimp, and enjoy
  • Hal Compton

    I hate silliness. Out of kids pizza so we can bring you a full size one but you have to pay the difference. How's that the customers fault? Manager refused to come to table. Sad cause usually good
  • Amerah M.

    Daniel s. a great server during lunch
  • Sam Santos

    Food is great
  • Dana Burr

    Thier version of fried mac & cheese is mindblowing
  • Samantha Nemazie

    I love the Boston house salad! This is the best restaurant for a first date (;
  • Nick Walton

    Contact me today to find a great home close to great restaurants in Frisco / Plano.
  • Brianna Poepping

    The raspberry lemonade makes me happy! Sugar rim and all!!
  • Traci Bowlware

    It's pretty cool to be here at the same time the Mayor is... I wonder if he is buying cheesecake!!! Lol
  • Lisa Spooner Whyte

    The heated patio really is cozy!
  • Roxann Sawyers

    New Skinilicious menu is really good!
  • Matthew Barbosa

    Jason (swoon)
  • Brian Kelly

    Everything is awesome!
  • Jeff Willis

    Carrot cake cheesecake is fantastic, but fyi it does have raisins so try the pumpkin if you don't like them.
  • Monta Cochran

    Red Velvet Cheesecake! Enough said:)
  • Sarah Sweeney

    Get the sweet potato fries!!!! Everyone in my section wanted them when they were brought to my table
  • Marty Webb

    Go in and see Tasha as your server, she's the bomb.
  • Mark Renfro

    Ahi tuna rocks
  • Jordan Mathis

    Chicken Madeira is an awesome dish to split. Best chicken dish ever. Every time I get it, I'm amazed how good it is!
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