Address: 7171 Ikea Dr
Phone: (972) 712-4532
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Category: Furniture / Home Store
Check Ins: 30827


  • Michael Moreno

    Even if you don't need to go potty, you should check out the hand dryers in the restrooms!
  • brooks grigson

    Look for hanging blue signs for the short cuts through the store.
  • Lauren Perdue

    Don't leave without eating some delicious swedish meatballs!
  • Lauren P.

    Try lingonberry soda from the cafe or snack bar soda fountain.
  • Deacon Frost

    Hit the "As-Is" section, good deals on things up-to 50% off.
  • [jojopang.com] Jojo

    Whoa! You don't get any badges but you get this awesome tip by me! Don't forget to leave with some meatballs!
  • Visit Frisco, Texas

    IKEA is the world's leading home furnishings retailer, is a family-friendly shopping experience with a wide selection of affordable home furnishings, and a supervised play area for kids.
  • ? Humorous

    Go in through the out door...
  • Corey Pettit

    Bring your own bag if you have a lot of purchases, or be prepared to purchase a reusable bag for $.59.
  • Dora

    The mega-store offers parents some tot-free shopping time with its free supervised play area near the entrance. Powered by ParentsConnect.com
  • Aja Olson-Shroll

    You'll go in excited & leave worn out & defeated. Love the store, but such a rat race!
  • John Alexander

    These shopping carts are terrible! It takes an act of Congress to turn a corner.
  • Nik

    Prepared to spend at least two hours in this place. It's overwhelming!
  • Mark

    The 100 pack tealites are the best. Only 3.99 and burn longer and are cleaner than any I've found.
  • Paul Thompson

    The first circle of Hell is Ikea on a Saturday.
  • Alyssa Butler

    breakfast meal is 1$. get it :-)
  • Christie Canyon

    This place rocks :)
  • Karl-Henry Martinsson

    Don't miss the food section after the checkouts. Gooseberry jam is great on toast, as is the blueberry and queens berry jam. Cloudberry jam is great heated up on top of vanilla ice cream.
  • Doug Finley

    Better bring your "A game" if you want to maneuver their carts without hitting something or someone.
  • Caitlin Kaluza

    Best cheap lunch in town: 2 hotdogs, chips, and a drink for $2.50
  • casey beruete

    Love this place :) When you go you gotta get the chocolate cake and swedish meatballs for sure!
  • Michael McDonald

    Lego's for adults.
  • Ashley McGrath

    If you know what you need, skip the showroom. Take the escalator up, go straight to the left to the kids section and down the stairs. Instant market place.
  • Kristin Carpenter

    50 cent hot dogs and lingonberry juice is what's up!
  • ravfladermus

    The chocolate cake is amazing... and you can buy a bottle of milk to go with it!
  • MaDDox MeSSer

    Its fun to fake an accent here makes the whole experience more interesting
  • Miguel Martinez

    Two hotdogs, chips and drink for $2.... Yeah!!!
  • Zach F

    If you come on a Saturday or Sunday don't forget to bring your patience.
  • Pete Jones

    Checking out is as bad as walmart!!!
  • Nathan Ortega

    Dont listen to spoiled whiners, this place is wonderful, everything is really affordable and handy/stylish, and the employees are really friendly.The experience is very "do it yourself" but who cares?
  • James Smith

    Gourmet Swedish meals upstairs in the marketplace or hot dogs & pretzels (less-expensive deals) downstairs near checkout!
  • Kendall B.

    Don't go on a Saturday. There are not enough parking spots and you will feel like you are at a crowded concert once inside. Just wait (literally) until you see the check out lines. Weekdays are best.
  • Collin Schlicht

    Eat a $1 frozen yogurt cone while you shop.
  • Chris Kerner

    Don't shop here the day you get paid;)
  • Jenne Barbour

    If you do not drive a hybrid, electric, CNG or diesel vehicle, don't be a jerk and take up the fuel-efficient vehicle parking.
  • Jess Hart

    Don't come on a Saturday & be a dick to the food cashiers be aide they're not moving fast enough. If you come on a weekend, accept that you will have to stand in line & be patient.
  • Niki test Badri Kadambi

    Best store ever
  • carly rowe

    Tiny meatballs.
  • Shop Across Texas

    Find beyond amazing home dcor pieces at amazing prices at this ShopAcrossTexas.com Best Stores in Town. Weave through a maze of furniture, lighting, accessories, kitchen appliances and more.
  • Carol Ellis

    Wear comfy shoes!
  • Elli Chambers

    They make a mean cup of coffee here
  • Torsten Knabe

    Get the lingon berry juice. Absolutely the best.
  • Brad Lyles

    Don't expect great customer service here
  • Tracy Tran

    Get the Swedish meatballs. 5 for $1.00 :)
  • Ashley Dowdy

    Never try to go backwards, its a bad idea...
  • Cam Swegman

    Open till 8pm on Sundays.
  • Elizabeth Johnson Brizzolara

    The froyo cones are now self serve using a nifty machine and a token you buy at the food counter. Fun and delicious!
  • Colin Alsheimer

    The absolute best place in the metroplex for flat packed furniture.
  • Lena Landmine

    If you lose any hardware for your furniture [like a bed frame], you can seriously just waltz up and ask for what you need. For free. No joke. They're so nice about it too!! Woo!
  • Savannah Pyron

    Always check the 'as is' area first. Lots of those items are in new condition!
  • Mike B

    Oh and the Swedish meatballs are fire! You gotta try them.
  • Mike B

    I just fit a sofa bed and a cabinet in a Corolla. #winning
  • Daphne Best

    Worst shopping experience of my life. It's huge and nobody to help you find anything. Good luck is all I have to say!
  • Elisabeth Mayberry

    Always a blast to come here, avoid the weekends it's way too busy. Check the status of availability on anything you're buying before you go so you don't leave buying everything but what you wanted.
  • Cindy

    Avoid on the weekends, if possible. Too crowded.
  • Andrew Taylor

    Come for breakfast, $0.99 then do your shopping. Take some meatballs home.
  • Jason Kyle

    Get in, get out. Take a look at the site first and get the bin numbers, go in through the exit and get it quick. All the textiles are close by as well.
  • Martin Taylor

    God how I miss not having IKEA where I live. Great prices on simple functionality!
  • J

    Make plans Tuesdays kids meals are free @ the restaurant. Grab a plate of meatballs :)
  • Jonathan

    Grab some coffee or some grub. It's a pleasant break.
  • Jesse Pedroza

    There are plenty of spots for a husband to "crash" while your wifey shops !
  • Grant Fairchlid

    $1.99 chicken thursdays :)
  • Holly Hoffman

    Gluten-free almond cake is tasty - mild and not too sweet.
  • Pam Garca.

    the food is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s
  • Ryan Hukill

    Who doesn't LOVE Ikea? If you're planning a trip to OKC any time soon, be sure to check out www.ShowMeOKC.com to find out about OKC's who, what & where.
  • Becca Speer

    Find a computer kiosk and join Ikea Family for a free cup of coffee or tea each visit!
  • Jensen Lugo

    The BBQ ribs are delicious! Try them with some fries, ranch sauce & corn bread on the side.
  • Bee Oconnell

    Start at the top and look at the showroom to get ideas. Then head to the first floor and shop till you drop!
  • Hannah Ulbrich

    Check the Frisco homepage for awesome deals every Saturday and occasional special events in the restaurant.
  • Shilpa Nicodemus

    The princess cake is epic. Don't leave without trying it. Nobody doesn't love this stuff.
  • Linda Hiort

    The tall blond guy at the self serve is really chill, ask him if you need any help
  • Avito

    Mmm, gotta get me some cinnamon rolls.
  • Jenny Hamilton

    Isle 43 is the super secret hidden land of couch covers.
  • BeariCane

    Store has almost no lighting in parking lot. Not safe at night.
  • Steven D.

    Have you tried the waffles here? Meh.
  • Jason Li

    When you eat here, you get nice views of the Frisco water tower and the Dr. Pepper Ballpark
  • Justin Powell

    IKEA... You even have to assemble the trash can.
  • Iris Mostrom

    Join IKEA Family to get 90-day price protection. We just got $303.10 back on some BESTA cabinet doors that are now half off as they are being discontinued!
  • Kimberly Nelson

    Bring your pedometer. . You will get ur walking in
  • MaDDox MeSSer

    Try using a fake accent its way more fun!
  • Elita Tacza Correa

    Mnimo se necesitan 8 horas para conocer todas las secciones :)
  • Brooke Jenkins

    I'm pretty sure this may be the best place on Earth...
  • Kristine Tague

    Come in on a Friday night during football season - the Frisco store is empty!!
  • Benjamin Rorie

    Grab a snack at the cafeteria before heading downstairs. IKEA Family members get a free cup of coffee!
  • Cullen

    Its been four days since I've seen the sun. Food and water supplies are running low. Why am I talking to a volleyball? WILSON!!!!!!!!!
  • Morgan Johnstone

    The showrooms here are disappointing. The ones at the Austin IKEA are better.
  • allison wheeler

    This is where love goes to die.
  • Mike Duman

    Avoid this place like the plague on the weekends.
  • Jennifer Koi Bolton

    Bring your own chair if you want to sit and have a hot dog dinner! Where are the chairs!!!
  • Daniel Simon

    You can't go wrong with the furnitures from here.
  • Kristie Tanner

    Absolutely the best place to shop for anything home related. I purchased what I could fit into my car. I'm planning a return visit next month. It wasn't crowded and the checkout was not long at all.
  • Mayor

    Don't eat the cafe food...
  • Brian Y.

    Returns are easy just make sure you take a number.
  • Tricia Dudley

    Don't use the potties up front on a Saturday! Talk about gross!
  • Anthony Belindo

    It's a "bring a friend" day at IKEA!
  • Amit Patel

    Really great prices!
  • M Smith

    You can pull up the item you are contemplating purchasing on your smart phone to look at the assembly instructions. Make sure you're not in over your head! Most items are easy to assemble.
  • Angela Cody

    Remember: you can't spell IKEA without I.
  • Jenyfer Dove

    Okay but people could remember to not be so stupid and if you need anything, I do not answer to "Hey you". Thank you
  • Alicia

    This store is huge & I feel like I walked all the way around it just to find the pick it up yourself bins, wish I knew that ahead of time. The carts are very hard to maneuver, its like they are drunk.
  • Csar Rodrguez

    The coffee here is quite a delight and also very cheap when you compare it to Starbucks. I highly recommend it!
  • Marc H.

    The carts with four wheel turning are really cool and agile until you get them loaded, then they become unruly! Love this store though!!
  • Jacqueline Spivey

    Child care area rocks
  • Catherine Mitchell

    The MarketPlace is being remodeled! Opens in July 2012. A tiny version is still open, though.
  • Carly Wilhelm

    The as is section has some dank steals
  • Michael Torres

    Signing up for Ikea Family, which is free, nets you a free tea or coffee every visit.
  • Kevin Gilhooly

    It's the United Nations of Dork.
  • SearchEnginePro

    Get the #1 combo for 2 bucks
  • Kacey Close

    Remember when you're shopping mattresses, 1,000's of other people have already bounced on them and broken them in a bit.
  • Henry Tieu

    Thursday's special is a two-piece rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes for $1.99. Add five meatballs, and you've got lunch for $3.00!
  • brian butts

    Don't get the ribs.. Think about it- they're $7..
  • Suzanne Chocholaty

    Just missed the free breakfast on Mondays. Damn. Oh well, time for lunch!
  • Meredith Sheehan

    Kids eat free until jan. 2, 2012!!
  • TJ Cox

    You should really go early and have breakfast. Delicious.
  • Brandie Crank

    Sign up for the reward program, now that it's here!
  • Dave Tyler

    This is absolutely the most frustrating store I have ever been to. I will NEVER go back. Ever. If you enter the front of the store you have to walk 3 miles through a maze to get out. Forget that.
  • Michael R.

    Take just enough for what you need.
  • Sadey Darling

    If you want something sweet, stop by the restaurant and try the bread pudding. Pretty damn good!
  • Sheila Chin

    Please tell management to change the "tattered" Texas flag that is outdide in front of their store
  • Sheila Chin

    Please tell management to change the Texas flag out in front of their store. Noone wants to see a "tattered" Texas flag!
  • Steve-O

    No tip. Just a warning that you will feel like a rat being pushed through a stylish maze.
  • Jeff Gwynn

    Don't buy furniture that comes in multiple boxes. I bought one cabinet. I had to make three trips to Ikea to get the complete cabinet because of pieces being out of stock. Flawed system.
  • Sherry

    Please don't park in the loading zone...15 minute limit!
  • Shontae Alexander

    Plan to spend at least 2 hours there and God help you if you go on a saturday.
  • Deanna Villarreal

    The Swedish Meatballs are more hype than anything else... Finishing a plate of them will make you more sick than satisfied.
  • Marek Koenig

    The herring in mustard sauce is fantastic.
  • Morgan

    If you aren't ready to check out but don't want to lug your purchases back through the store to go back for an item, you can leave your cart in a little nook near the checkout. No one will bother it.
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