24 Hour Fitness

Address: 3865 Preston Road
Phone: (214) 618-5524
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Category: Gym / Fitness Center
Check Ins: 8626


  • Savannah Bagby-Haye

    Watch out for the meat heads using the 20lb dumbbells...
  • James Nunn

    Great place to work out, and love that it is open 24 hours.
  • N Kelso

    Great facility
  • Sam

    Oh look a giant mirror. Time to flex and stare at my muscles!
  • John Profanchik

    Stare at the big ass fan long enough you will...
  • Dustin Vasichko

    This gym is full of posers and wanna g money wankstas.
  • Rickey McCoy

    Nike Training Club is awesome. Beware! This class is for intermediate to athletic fitness levels, especially the classes on Monday night and Saturday morning.
  • Ashley Rosenberg

    Challenge yourself with turbo kick...it's not as easy as it looks, but is so fun! Love the Thursday evening class
  • Elizabeth Baxley

    Love the yoga classes offered!
  • Manesseh Ibanez

    Staff at front desk has always been very friendly & chatty! I like that! Makes me feel like this is my gym!
  • Davonna Hatcher

    Take a class with Danielle.
  • Ali Ashfaque

    Don't forget your towel!
  • Nick S

    Stephen B is an awesome trainer. Has helped me lose almost 50 lbs.
  • Travis Maxwell

    No towel service?! Ab equipment on 2nd floor, all other weight equipment downstairs (very inconvenient). Was impressed at first, but, not anymore.
  • Damon Perry

    Bring your own towel. My old 24 Richardson provided them.
  • Nina Owens

    Close blinds upstairs in afternoon, makes it cooler.
  • Susan Miller

    If older than 35 don't bother talking to them about a membership. Such a bad attitude from the sales group.
  • Corey Rosemond

    Best 24 hour in north Dallas. At least the nicest
  • Mark Nosrati

    The store manager at this location is a jerk! But the people who work out here are really friendly.
  • Aisha Ali

    Zumba is amazing on Saturday's at 1130 and Monday at 630
  • Ibrahim Shuaib

    Never give up ;))
  • Aaron Johnson

    Friendly staff and a great vibe at this location...
  • Mark Nosrati

    Sales guys and managers are jerks.
  • Danny Dixon

    Staff is outstanding.. Very good customer service. Sauna is a bit weak. Staff keeps equipment in good working order.
  • Kirk Wooldridge

    Get here early for nike training so you can get weights.
  • Rickey McCoy

    Take a strength training class with Michelle on Wednesday nights @5:30. Awesome class
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