AMC Stonebriar 24

Address: 2601 Preston Rd, Ste 300
Phone: (972) 377-0144
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 14388


  • dustin dangli

    Use the restrooms, you'll thank me later.
  • Bradley Bowen

    There are Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the restroom. So futuristic!
  • JD Lawless

    plenty of options
  • Christie Canyon

    Nice movie theater
  • Kayla Mahaffey

    Silence is golden
  • Jared Caraway

    See an IMAX flick. The audio and video quality are incredible.
  • Jake Dubss

    No better place to watch a movie...
  • Doug Murday

    Awesome theater! There's a bar and you can take your drink into the theater! Sweet!
  • Margaret Gonder

    Beware the Twi-Hards!
  • Joel Wasinger

    Don't talk during the movie. Please. No one else wants to hear it. Thanks.
  • Charles Parsons

    Sweet theaters with Dave and Busters near by
  • Celine Matthiessen

    Great place for movies
  • John Diosdado

    This movie theater has been open for over 13 years now and it's still always remarkably clean, from the toilets to the cup holders. IMAX showings are also very reasonably priced.
  • DisGurl AKC

    MacGuffin's open!
  • Bert Sanders

    Be prepared if you come to late shows to be ignored by concession staff as they are more focused on gossip and closing
  • Josh Chappell

    Avoid Chase at the front Box Office if you can. Rude, and seemed to care less about being at work.
  • Allen Anderson

    Not all of the theaters have reclining seats!!!!!
  • Rachel Murray

    Watch out for the unisex bathroom!! Yuck!!
  • Jonathan Duffy

    IMAX theater at NorthPark is much better! Don't feel as cramped.
  • Jason Gray

    The IMAX theater is sick
  • Daryl Perez

    For big sold out movies come here atleast an 1.5hr. before the show starts.
  • Leslye Rollins-Smith

    Use the Coke machine! So many choices, you can make a new Coke drink!!
  • Andy Fang

    Please put your phone away when the lights dim and keep it off until the lights come back up!
  • Gerardo Vargas

    this theater smells like farts.
  • Lara Taeuber

    Tickets are more than Frisco .
  • Patience LeBlanc

    Service is usually really bad.
  • Rachael Whitmer

    Theater is small and the seats are very dirty!
  • Jake Dubss

    The dyson air blades are for hands only.
  • Jake Dubss

    If you must sit in the row with "railing", putting your feet up IS required...
  • Kevin

    Really late showtimes are a plus. Not a fan of the candy selections & way oversized drinks. Still prefer Cinemark theaters.
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