North Texas Acoustic Musicians Meetup

Group Description

If you play an acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle mandolin or other non-electric stringed instrument and would enjoy the opportunity to play and sing with others, come and join us!  This is not an open mic, and there are no public performances, we will just get together and play songs while providing encouragement and having fun!  And, yeah, we might be able to make some exceptions to that "acoustic thing" for you bass players! :-)

Keep in mind that the idea here is to TRY our best to play well with others.  It's a whole different experience from rocking out by yourself in your practice room.

Please bring about twelve copies of lyric and chord sheets for a few of your favorite songs so that we can all play along together.  No favorite songs? No problem - come play anyway the more the merrier. We will try to get together at least once a month or so.